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“O” Type fired packaged or field erected boilers:

PowrTech Solutions, Inc. represent Victory Energy Operations, LLC who manufacture watertube packaged boilers in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These boiler systems are custom designed to meet your requirements and can include burner, controls, economizer, stack, deaerator, and other auxiliaries. Boiler sizes range to 500,000 pph and up to 1200psig and 1100F.

Fired or unfired Waste Heat or HRSG packaged boilers:

Victory Energy Operations, LLC also manufactures watertube and firetube, fired or unfired waste heat and HRSG boilers for use on your system for steam generation from heat being released from your process or from gas turbine exhaust (HRSG). These custom designed systems can include turbine exhaust systems with diverter valves, silencers, bypass stacks, duct burners or fresh air burners, economizers, SCR’s, controls and stacks. We have built systems to accommodate the exhaust of turbines up to the size of GE’s Frame 5.

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