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PowrTech Solutions, Inc. represents Coen Company.  They also own Todd Combustion and Peabody Engineering and are now the largest boiler burner manufacturer in the world.  This entity has been in business in the US since 1912, supplying burners to the utility, industrial and large institutional boiler and fired process markets.

They manufacture and custom designed burners for industrial boilers firing gaseous, liquid and solid fuels.   They manufacture burners which fire gaseous, liquid and solid fuels in large, multi-burner industrial and utility boilers as well as specialty process heaters and kilns. 

Coen will custom engineer your burner application for your particular boiler or furnace and emissions requirements. 

Nox Burner
RMB (Rapid Mix Burner)
Ultra Low NOx Burner

Premix Ultra Low NOx Design
Gas NOx of 9 PPM, 30% FGR
#2 Oil NOx of 78 PM, 16 % FGR
One Fuel Fired at a time
Low CO Performance
Normal Excess Air Level
Turndown: 6:1

Todd builds an ultra-low Nox burner which is a proven, capable, stable burner able to reduce emissions on natural gas firing as low as 8 ppm NOx.

They will package their burners for simple, straight forward, reliable installation on boilers and furnaces, including engineered components of FD Fan, control dampers, burner management system, combustion control, fuel trains and instrumentation.

Our burner registers are widely applied to large, multi-burner, multi-fuel furnaces which require special attention to control and isolation of each burner, its ignition system and scanning system, not to mention the application of burner management and combustion control.  This is done with great success in reducing NOx, CO and Particulate emissions.

DynaSwirl Power Burner

We will engineer a replacement ignition system or a replacement coal fired “T” system, including ignition, scanning, and burner management systems.

Todd provides R&D studies including physical modeling, and CFD and modeling to investigate the best approach to improving your furnace combustion and flow distributions to accomplish required emissions levels.

Utility, IPP, PURPA or Inside the Fence Cogneration or process applications for duct burners are a major business segment for Coen.

Duct burner improvements create a great opportunity to update your old installation with our new designs or with replacement parts to improve operation, extend life and reduce downtime and emissions.

The DAZ burner is at the heart of our solid fuel combustion system. The burner is two registers in one with concentric louver zones that divide the combustion air stream into two counter-rotating streams. It burns pulverized coal, wood fines, biomass, or low BTU gas, with the ability to burn multiple fuels in combination to reduce operating costs.

Its wide turn-down range and ability to adjust flame shape makes it ideal for waste burning or special process applications.

The DAZ burner is a standard in the kiln industry.  It burns combination fuels, is designed to reduce primary air consumption, and still gives great turndown and the best flame shape control in the industry.

We will also supply custom designed fuel delivery systems, including pump and heater sets, fuel tank systems and solid fuel delivery systems including grinding, transferring and storage.

Our Micro-NOx burner is the answer to ultra low NOx emissions requirements.  It is capable of NOx emissions down to 12 ppm when firing natural gas.  Coen has done this while maintaining low excess air levels, and very good turndown.  Stability, turndown and efficiency are not compromised.


We are a manufacturer of many ignitor and scanner designs.  The newest version of their scanner systems is iScan.  With a solid state detector, our on-board digital signal processing and sophisticated, high quality electronics, the iScan series is the most technologically advanced scanner available

We will provide additional auxiliary services, including CFD modeling, Low Nox studies, and Research and Development studies to investigate your combustion problem.


If you are dealing with these guys, or your state environmental department in pursuit of a permit, you should be aware of our "Cool Technologies":


Our procedure is to model every windbox or gaseous passage in the equipment we sell or into which we apply our burners, assuring the best possible arrangement of ductwork and baffles to accomplish the best mixing of fuel and air, the first step in emissions reductions.

Cool Fule Burner


Our procedure is to model every windbox or gaseous passage in the equipment we sell or into which we apply our burners, assuring the best possible arrangement of ductwork and baffles to accomplish the best mixing of fuel and air, the first step in emissions reductions.
Flue Fas

Flue Gas induced
into a gaseous
fuel line.
Major Burner Products:
Distributed Air Flow Burner

coendaf.jpg (4239 bytes)

Workhorse liquid or gaseous fuel burner for single or multi-burner applications.  Low particulate operation down to 0.1 Lb/MMB, with or without FGR

Variflame Burner
Variflame Burner Gas and or Oil burner for 30 ppm FGR with low CO and good flame fit for narrow furnaces.

Delta-NOx Burner

coendelta.jpg (3035 bytes)

Low NOx Burner for liquid or gaseous applications capable of NOx emissions while firing natural gas of less than 30ppm using FGR, less than 83ppm (0.1 Lb/MMB) without FGR.

QLN (Quantum Low NOx) Burner

coenqln.jpg (2360 bytes)

Low NOx burner capable of less than 30 ppm without FGR. Much less using FGR. This burner is designed to address prompt NOx, and is available for multi-burner and single burner applications.

FYR Compak

coenfyr.jpg (4581 bytes)

Packaged burner systems including FD Fan, Damper, Burner Management System, Single Point Combustion Control, and Fuel Trains. Up to 365 MMBH, applied to every known packaged and field erected boiler manufactured!

Delta Power Burner

coendeltapb.jpg (3494 bytes)

Utility grade single venturi zone register for multi-fuel, multi-burner applications. Low NOx and CO operation.

Ignition Systems

coenignition.jpg (1697 bytes)

We manufacture gas and oil fired utility burner ignitors and igniter systems as well as coal burners for tangentially fired boilers.

Duct Burners

coenduct2.jpg (3005 bytes)

coenduct1.jpg (4534 bytes)

Duct burner systems for large and small HRSG and process applications. Duct burners can be gas or oil fired and are supported by extensive after-market products and field service support.

DAZ (Dual Air Zone) Burner - Scroll

coendazscroll.jpg (4280 bytes)

The DAZ scroll burner is a two zone burner capable of burning solid fuel and low BTU gas simultaneously. Adjustable flame shape and high turn down make it an exceptional choice for process applications.

DAZ (Dual Air Zone) Burner - Kiln

coendazkiln.jpg (6099 bytes)

The DAZ kiln burner is capable of gaseous, liquid and solid fuel firing. It is applied to rotary kilns, and can be supplied with a wide variety of auxiliary systems such as grinding, delivery, pump sets, etc.

Pump & Heater Sets

coenpumpheat.jpg (3950 bytes)

are designed and built for
your application.


coenmicnox.jpg (3033 bytes)

MICRO-NOX burner is applied on up to 1500 HP boilers, and can reduce NOx to 12 ppm.


coenignite2.jpg (1931 bytes)
coenignite.jpg (1444 bytes)

Our Ignitors are the most rugged you can find for any combustion ignition application.

AC Valve

coenac.jpg (2895 bytes)

A standard in the industry for solid, reliable positioning control.

COEN TODD Combustion Peabody Engineering


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