PowrTech Solutions represent the following companies:


Todd Combustion

Coen Company -
Burner Systems for large boilers, HRSGs and Kiln and Drying Processes.

Todd Combustion div Coen- Industrial and Utility Boiler Burners.

Peabody Engineering Peabody Engineering / Hamworthy Burners and Ignition Systems

Rosemount-Analytical-Logo.jpg (3175 bytes)

Rosemount Analytical, Inc. - Oxygen and CO Analyzers, Opacity, Pneumatic Position Actuators.
victory-energy-logo.jpg (5120 bytes) Victory Energy, Inc - Watertube boilers, fired and waste heat.

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Testo - Portable Flue Gas Analyzers
e-Tech | Heat Recovery Systems E-Tech Economizers, Condensing Heat Exchangers
synfab4.gif (3070 bytes) Syn-Fab, Inc. - High Temperature Video Camera Systems.

Industrial Environmental Systems (IES)

Industrial Environmental Systems (IES) - Steel Stacks, Ducts and Breaching, Dampers, and Accessories.


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