Consulting Engineering

PowrTech Solutions, Inc. offers the services of their registered professional engineer on a consulting basis to evaluate your boiler plant needs, whether they are a new plant, additional equipment, evaluating existing problems or retrofit of existing equipment.

Our engineering expertise resides in watertube boiler applications, although we will address firetube boiler applications.

Our primary area of expertise is the boiler itself, including the fans, dampers, burner, controls and burner management system, as well as the breaching and stack, and its auxiliary systems. We will also work with the feedwater systems, including deaerator, feedpumps, condensate return tanks and pumps and blowdown heat recover or separators.

We do not concentrate on the following areas. However, we can involve expertise from other sources to include them in our engineering review:

Chemical Treatment of Water or fuel
Structural or support systems
Steam or water distribution systems
Condensate return systems
Piping systems
Electric Power Generation
Materials of Construction
Power Distribution

We will come to your facility to make an initial evaluation and discuss your needs for no charge.

A thorough report will be generated as the result of our efforts and submitted to you. Our services can be expanded to implement our recommendations with complete project management or to just continue as consulting engineer while others carry out changes.


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