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PowrTech Solutions. is the representative and stocking distributor for Rosemount Analytical, Inc., a division of Emerson Process Systems.

The Rosemount Analytical, Inc. division is the group that manufactures analyzers.  They have three product groups, consisting of CEM systems and components, Liquid analyzers (the old Unilock and Beckman products, analyzers for pH and conductivity and other liquid parameters), and the Combustion group which we represent and distribute.

There is another division called Rosemount Measurement who manufacture pressure and temperature analyzers.  They have a staff of direct field salesmen who pursue large corporate business.  Powrtech Engineers, Inc. also sells their products for small quantity requirements. Contact us via our Request Form for applications information and pricing.

The combustion products group of Rosemount Analytical, Inc. is what we have applied and sold for 30 years.  This is the product line Rosemount acquired from Westinghouse (and they from Hagan Controls Company),  It consists of these products for combustion applications:


We are the largest manufacturer of "in-situ" zirconium oxide flue gas oxygen analyzers in the world. Our World Class products utilize the most advanced cell technology and digital electronics using HART communications, and easily field repairable probes.  Specific analyzers available are listed below.  Information required to select an Oxygen analyzer is:

        Probe Length (based on duct or stack diameter).

        Flue gas temperature and pressure.

        Flue gas sulfur (SO2) content.

        Desired electronics location (on probe or adjacent).

        Local Indicator requirement.

        Whether or not you are replacing an existing probe, and if so, what is the mounting to be used?

        Weatherproof or Explosionproof requirement?

        Is automatic calibration sequencing required?

Note: In the oxygen analyzers described below, detailed specifications
are not included in our description, but are available upon request. 

Oxymitter 4000:

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This unique oxygen analyzer utilizes the Rosemount transmitter housing and electronics packaging right on the end of the probe.  It comes with standard features such as field repairable probe cell, TC, heater and strut as well as HART

It provides a signal which tells you when it requires calibration!  If you wish to include our automatic calibration option, this signal can actuate that so that you never have to attend the probe until it is time to change gas bottles or the cell.

Trade - in or exchange discounts are available.

High Temperature Oxygen Analyzers:

We deal with high temperature applications in several ways:

    1.  Standard applications can withstand flue gas temperatures up to 1300F.

    2.  If flue gas temperature is between 1300F and 2400F, we can utilize our 3 foot or 6 foot "Bypass Package", an aspirating probe for clean gas applications.

    3. If flue gas temperature is between 1300F and 2250F, we can utilize our eighteen inch, 3 foot or 6 foot "Probe Mounting Jacket" for any applications, including dirty flue gas.

    4.  Model 3081 FG is our High Temperature analyzer system for flue gas applications between 1022F and 2912F.   This new product uses an intrinsically safe separate digital electronics package with calibration needed contact output.  It is HART compatible and the probe mounting connection is a simple 1.25 in. NPT fitting.  This innovative device allows oxygen measurements in locations previously inaccessible, such as boiler furnaces, where tramp air does not cause measurement

Trade - in and exchange discounts are available.

Model 8800 O2 / Combustibles Transmitter

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This analyzer measures 0 to 1% to 0 - 40% net Oxygen and 0 - 1000 ppm or 0 - 5% combustibles.  It is an extractive device utilizing a zirconium oxide cell for Oxygen and a catalytic bead for combustibles.   It is HART compatable and fully field repairable.

Pneumatic Power Positioners:

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Rosemount Analytical, Inc. manufactures a full line of pneumatic thrust and torque positioners for actuation of dampers and other items via a remote 4 to 20 ma or 3 to 15psig signal.

       2 1/2 X 5 Thrust type, 300lb control and 500lb stall force. With clevis.

       2 1/2 X 5 Torque type, light duty with air filter and clevis, 90 control and 120 stall torque.

       4 X 5 Torque type, light duty with air filter and clevis, 180 control and 240 stall torque.

       4 X 5 Thrust type, 700 lb. control and 1200 lb. stall force.  With clevis.

Spare Parts:

Spare parts, either individual or in kit form, are available through Powrtech Engineers, Inc. for any of the above components, as well as older components not mentioned here. Please contact us for applications information, part identification, and price and delivery. These parts are available for the following components:

Oxygen Analyzers:
Oxymitter 4000
World Class 3000
Model 3081FG High Temp Probe

Power Positioners:
2 1/2 X 5 Thrust
2 1/2 X 5 Econotorque
4 X 5 Thrust
4 X 5 Econotorque
4 X 5 Heavy Duty Torque
5 X 10 Thrust
6 X 10 Heavy Duty Torque 
8 X 14 Heavy Duty Torque

Other Analyzers and Monitors:
OPM 4000 Opacity Monitor

Older, obsolete components may have parts available on special order.  Contact us if you have such an application.

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