We engineer and build control systems for all large boiler applications. They include:

  • Master Header Pressure
  • Combustion
  • Furnace Pressure
  • Superheater Temperature
  • FGR / NOx
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Feedwater
  • Oxygen Trim
  • Deaerator Level and Pressure
  • Steam Dump
  • Pressure, Level, Temp Loops
  • Steam Distribution

In addition to providing boiler control systems, we engineer and build burner management (or flame safety) systems. These systems are simple prepackaged Fireye E-110 to complex PLC based custom designed, multiburner systems.

Our organization will survey your operation and recommend the best approach to new applications or retrofit existing systems to meet your needs or solve your problems. We do our own design and build our own panels. We maintain a staff of service engineers to commission and maintain the systems we build.

All of our systems can be supplied with an operating system to allow your plant to work from computer consoles, utilizing graphic, alarm, operating, trending, reporting and many other screens to easily run your boiler or other system. The consoles can be located anywhere in the plant or at any remote website.


MicroMod Automation Fisher-Rosemount Fireye
Allen-Bradley Square D
Rosemount Analytical


The systems we provide are based on many manufacturers’ hardware, and comply with many manufacture’s communications protocol. So our system can exchange information with your plant DCS or Data Acquisition System.

NFPA Our systems are approved by NFPA, FM, IRI or other insurance standards required for boiler control and burner management systems
as required.

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