Victory Energy

PowrTech Solutions represent Victory Energy Operations,
who manufacture watertube packaged or field erected
boilers in  “O” and “D” types up to 500,000 pph and up to
1500 psig, 1050F.  In addition, Victory Energy supplies
the entire steam plant system including burner, controls,
stacks, fans , etc.

Voyager Boiler
Voyager Boiler

Victory Energy Operations also manufactures Firetube Boilers from 500 HP
to 1500 HP. s.

Voyager Boiler
Waste Heat Boiler

Victory Packaged

Victory Energy Operations builds HRSGs or Waste Heat Boilers for applications up to 300,000 pph, 1500 psig and 1500F. 

They can be in a packaged or field erected arrangement.

Contact us if you have a requirement for steam generation, either gas or oil fired, or waste heat or any combination. We will assist you with initial planning, including footprint, capacities, emissions, budget costs, etc.

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